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How can I get my son or daughter involved in De Pere tennis?
The first step is to contact one of the coaches with your name, address, telephone and e-mail addresses

Is tennis a team of individual sport?
DPHS tennis is both. Team comes first as shown by the typical 25-30 dual matches but players are asked to perform individually in singles as well as with many different but cooperative doubles partners.

How are practices organized?
Coaches design practices before the season starts based on the number and skill levels of returning players as well as how many athletes are participating in winter and off season tournament play. The practice schedule is progressive in nature allowing for players to learn basic concepts before being presented with more advanced strokes and drills. Players are also given the opportunity to demonstrate strokes to teammates as well as lead in pre-and post-practice stretching, warmup drills and team building activities.

How are line-ups determined?
Players are placed on a ladder by skill level, experience and athletic ability. Later they are assigned and encouraged to play “challenge” matches for those positions.

Please explain individual and team scoring to me?
There are 2 types of scoring: Traditional or Ad scoring is when points are tracked as 0-15-30-40-game. If tied at 30-30 or 40-40, the term used is “deuce” which means either player needs to win 2 consecutive points to win that game. No-ad scoring is simply 1-2-3-4 with the game winner being the first one to 4.

Most matches are played with the winner of the set being the first one to 6 games, winning by 2. Ex. 6-4. 2 out 3 sets wins the match.

Match tie-breakers imply that the 3rd set will be the first player to 10 points/win by two for the match. Team matches are decided by the total individual wins. EX. 4-3

When and how do I cheer?
Parents and fans can and should cheer after points are won. It is not appropriate to cheer when it is obvious that the other player simply missed. Cheering should also not be confused with coaching which is not allowed by parents or spectators. Comments like “Hit it to his backhand”, “Concentrate” and “1st serves” are not allowed, but outbursts like “Great point”, “Way to go” and “Good job” are acceptable. Only players can call lines and whether a ball was “in” or “out”

Why doesn’t De Pere have a freshman tennis team?
Per the WIAA, if a school has a 9th grade team, they can only play other 9th grade teams and because very few schools have them, we would be at a serious disadvantage compared to having all freshman, sophomores and juniors play JV. Seniors cannot play on our developmental JV teams.

What about racquets and other equipment?
Comfortable clothing and tennis shoes are a must as well as an appropriate sized and weighted racquet. Coaches are there to help you and your tennis player with both.

Uniforms: Periodically De Pere High School budgets for replacement uniforms. In other years, parents are asked to purchase team jerseys which can typically be worn for a player’s entire high school career. Varsity teams will more often get new uniforms.

How important is nutrition, hydration and rest?
Tennis is a competitive game which requires stamina, concentration, patience and focus. Getting the proper amount of sleep is a must. Eating healthy foods (fruits and vegetables) and drinking plenty of water or sport drinks is also important as is having small snacks like granola bars, bananas, sandwiches on court while competing. Chocolate milk is a great post match drink.

Why does De Pere play such a difficult schedule?
By playing competitive teams it helps the players know where they fit in and it helps the coaches see where our weaknesses are and what we need work on. We strive for 50/50 type matches where the outcome is not predictable whenever possible. In any case, we expect our players to try as hard as they can regardless of the opponent.

What should players bring to matches, practice?
Players will be given a written list of what to pack in their tennis bag for home and away matches.

Can my son/daughter drive home with me?
Yes, provided a school form has been filled out, signed by the parent and given to a coach before leaving for an away match.

Who can qualify for the WIAA State Tennis Tournaments?
Only players in the #1 and #2 singles or doubles positions can qualify for the WIAA Individual State Tournament. If a team wins the sectional tournament 10 players would then qualify for the WIAA Team championships as decided by the coach.

What are Parent’s Night and the Athletic Awards Banquet?
Parent’s night is a athletic department requirement in which all parent’s, athletes and coaches attend in order to answer questions regarding schedules, injuries, team, school and WIAA rules, line-ups, practices, etc.

Award’s Banquets are held late in the season in the evening for all individuals and parents for team recognition in each sport at De Pere.

What are “summer contact” and “freshman only’ days?
The WIAA allows coaches to have “5 contact days” with their tennis players before August 1. These days are times when players get more individual instruction from the coaches than during the season.

Freshman Only Days” is unique to De Pere in that we coaches can work with any incoming 9th grader up until school officially starts. These are typically held on Friday mornings in August for incoming freshman only.

What are “community in-service” days and why do we have them?
Our school board has determined that athletes should give back to the community in some form or fashion. Individual coaches choose which activities are appropriate and all returning players are expected to volunteer.

Are players expected to play tennis during the offseason?
Players are encouraged to play other sports in the offseason. Cross training makes for better athletes and every coach wants stronger, quicker and more coordinated athletes. Experience allows for athletes to like to compete and important in life as well as in athletics. If not playing another sport, DPHS tennis players are urged to play as often as they can in the summer as well as participate in indoor drills, lessons and tournaments over the winter if possible.



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