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Girl's Team Coaches


Head Coach

Dave Reinardy

Coach Reinardy picked up tennis in Janesville at age 10 using his father's old wooden racquet, learning from friends in the absence of pros or indoor facilities. His passion led him to achieve multiple high school singles and doubles state titles, including the distinction of Big Eight Conference Champ. With a background of over 20 seasons assisting both boys' and girls' teams, Reinardy has proudly helmed the girls' varsity team as head coach for the last decade, leaving a lasting impact on De Pere tennis.


Assistant Coach

Scott Harpt

Coach Scott Harpt is an integral part of the De Pere tennis community, coaching both the Boys and Girls varsity tennis teams for the past 8 years. With a dedication to excellence and player development, Coach Harpt consistently showcases his expertise on the courts, fostering talent and instilling a deep love for the game in his players. His commitment to the program and its athletes solidifies his reputation as a cornerstone of De Pere tennis.


Assistant Coach

Katy O'Neill

Assistant Coach Katy O'Neill, deeply rooted in the De Pere tennis community, has dedicated 3 years to coaching the girls' team with fervor and insight. Drawing from personal experience, Katy has a unique perspective as a tennis parent; her daughter flourished on the varsity team through high school, and her son presently excels on the boys' varsity team. This direct connection to the players, both as a coach and a parent, brings a unique depth to her approach, ensuring a supportive and understanding environment for her team.

"Whether it be at the US Open, a collegiate or a high school tennis match, footwork is always the # 1 item in determining the winner. Players with quick feet and small steps prepare better before hitting the ball. Better preparation leads to more consistent play. And more consistency than your opponent leads to winning. To improve as a player, always pay attention and work on your footwork”

- Coach Gillespie

Past Coaches

  • 2012-Present - Dave Reinardy

  • 2007-2011 - Stephanie Lehnert

  • 1989-2006 - Glenn Lehnert

  • 1988 - Jane Bennett

  • 1986-1987 - Jim Reinhard

  • 1985 - Joe Meeuwsen

  • 1980-1984 - Jerry Gillespie

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